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Severini was an Italian Futurist painter he was born in Cortona, Italy. As a young man he moved to Rome and then later lived and worked in Paris. When he died he was buried back in his hometown.

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Q: Where did gino severini live and work in?
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What has the author Gino Severini written?

Gino Severini has written: 'Gino Severni' 'The artist and society.'

What is Gino Severini's birthday?

Gino Severini was born on April 7, 1883.

When was Gino Severini born?

Gino Severini was born on April 7, 1883.

When did Gino Severini die?

Gino Severini died on 1966-02-26.

What material did Gino Severini use?

I know he used oil on canvas.

Where can you find a photo of Gino Severini's 'Dancer' 1913?

Click the Severini link below and see if any of the pictures fit your question. The artcyclopedia link lets you browse each museum separately.

Who are two futurist artists?

Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Gino Severini (oh, sorry, that makes three!).

What is the painting pigeon on glass by Gino Severini about?

pegoins is a sign of peace and it always be!!and too love pegions than anything!

Who is g.severini?

Gino Severini was an Italian Futurist artist, mainly working in Paris. Click link below for more facts!

What is the birth name of Joey Severini?

Joey Severini's birth name is Joseph Michael Severini.

How tall is Fran Severini?

Fran Severini is 5' 5".

Where does Gino D'campo live?

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