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Liverpool, England!

In 1960, as The Beatles, and with Pete Best as drummer, the played at the Indra Club in Hamburg for 48 nights, then at the Kaiserkeller for a further 58 nights.

On their return to Liverpool, they play at the Cavern Club, followed by a return to Hamburg at the Top Ten Club, then back to the Cavern Club which is where Brian Epstein sees the Beatles for the first time, and the rest is history!


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Q: Where did The Beatles band get started?
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When did the beatles first form as a band?

The band that would become the Beatles started in 1956 as a school band called The Quarrymen.

Who started the band the beatles?

John Lennon?

How old were The Beatles when they started the band?

over 16

Where did The Beatles origonate?

The Beatles originated in Liverpool, England. They started off as a garage band then started playing in cafes' and clubs when they were eventually discovered. Amazing band.

What happened in 1970 with The Beatles?

On December 31, 1970, the Beatles broke up. Paul started a new band called "Wings".

When did John Lennon join the Beatles?

John Lennon started the band that became the Beatles, while still in high school in 1956.

Who startd the beatles?

John started a band called The Quarrymen. Paul joined his band followed by George and eventually Ringo. Along the way the band changed names a few times until they became The Beatles.

How old were the beatles when they first started the group?

The band that became the Beatles started as a school band in 1957 by John Lennon when he was 16. Paul in August of that year, and George in 1958 - at that point, John was 18, Paul was 16 and George 15.

What year did the Beatles officially become millionaires?

The Beatles officially became millionaires in the year 1965. They were a rock band that was started in 1960 in Liverpool.

What are the names of the beatles band?

The Beatles

How old were the beatles when the band started?

george=17,john=20ringo=20, paul=18

How did The Beatles get there band name?

John Lennon named the band 'The Beatles'

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