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the last known place he live was the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, New York

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Q: Where did Steven J Sasson live?
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What was the date that Steven J Sasson was born?

Steven J Sasson was born On July 4th 1950 Brooklyn New York

Does steven j sasson have children?

He has two children! :)

Is steven j sasson Jewish?

what type of question is that but anyways no he isn't a Jew

When was Steven Sasson born?

Steven Sasson was born in 1950

Was Steven Sasson married?

No Steven Sasson was never married.

What inspired Steven Sasson to invent the camera?

Steven J sasson created the Digital Cameras so he could capture pictures. He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

What was the life of Steven j Sasson like?

=I think it was good because he had a success on inventing the Digital camera=

Who is steven sasson?

Steven Sasson is a inventor. A engineer for Kodak, he was the first to create the world known digital camera.

How old is Steven Sasson?

Steven Sasson is 60 years old.To find out more go to who invented the digital camera.

When and where did Steven Sasson invent the digital camera?

Steven Sasson invented the 1st digital camera in 1975 for Eastman Kodak Company.

How did Steven Sasson die?

He is still alive.

How much did Steven Sasson get paid for inventing the digital camera?

Steven Sasson got paid over $300 a week ps from Mia Rules the WORLD!