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Q: Where did Laverne and Shirley move to for the sixth season of their show Shirley?
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What are the release dates for Laverne and Shirley - 1976 Laverne and Shirley Move In 4-11?

Laverne and Shirley - 1976 Laverne and Shirley Move In 4-11 was released on: USA: 28 November 1978

Where did Laverne and Shirley move to for the 6th season of their show?

For the sixth season in 1980, the current cast moved from Milwaukee to Burbank, California, with the catalyst behind the move as the girls losing their bottle capping jobs to new automation installed at Shotz Brewery, and want to start fresh. Their friends and family are inspired by the idea and also pack up to move out west.

Does Laverne die in the last episode of Laverne and shirley?

no In the final episode, Laverne loans Carmine $100 so he can move to New York and try his luck on Broadway. It was intended to be the pilot of a new spinoff about Carmine on Broadway, but the new show never materialized.

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