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from the person who killed his mother

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Q: Where did Jason get his machete?
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Did Jason ever use a chainsaw?

No, Jason has never used a chainsaw. He seems to prefer a machete, but he will use other implements if they are on hand.

What is Jason Voorhees' favorite weapon?

He uses various weapons throughout each movie. He first appeared in part 2 as a killer. Here are some of his weapons throughout the series: ice pick, spear, knife, arrow, axe, tree trimmer, machete, meat cleaver, pitchfork, spear gun, dagger, guitar (smashed in woman's face), fireplace poker, butcher knife, and many others. He is most famous for using the everday tool "machete."

How tall is Charles Kowalski Machete?

Charles Kowalski Machete is 5' 9".

What is the birth name of Charles Kowalski Machete?

Charles Kowalski Machete's birth name is Charles Purkins.

Who won is Freddy vs Jason?

AnswerNeither of them won, exactly. Well, if I remember correctly, Jason cuts off Freddy's head and carries it away with him, but just before the credits roll, Freddy's head winks at the camera/audience (Jason is carrying the head with the back of it forward and the face behind him).AnswerJason cuts off Freddy's head and Freddy winks at the camera.AnswerBasically Jason won but since Freddy is still a living human being and Jason is like a zombie all they did was put stupid little affects for people to fall off their couch.AnswerJason never cuts off Freddy's head. It was Laurie who used Jason's machete to cut off his head. Freddy was about to kill Jason but Laurie set the dock on fire sending them both into the lake. Freddy appears on the dock with the machete and his about to kill Laurie and Will (her boyfriend), but since Freddy lost his glove in the explosion (from the dock fire)Jason uses his remaining energy to jump out and thrust the glove through the heart of Freddy. Jason falls dead into the lake ,and Laurie grabs the machete dropped by Freddy. She then says "Welcome to my Nightmare B****!" and chops his head off; in the closing scene you see the resurrected Jason walking out with Freddy's head that winks and laughs (signaling a sequel.) The end.AnswerOh, yeah, I remember now. That's right.

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Does Jason have a chainsaw?

No, he has a machete

What make and model was Jason's machete in Friday the 13th part 6 Jason lives?

The machete was a normal machete, but was customized with a chrome plated blade. In the directors cut of the movie, a common machete was purchased, sanded down, and refinished for the movie.

How does Jason from Freddy vs Jason kill people?

Jason's weapon of choice is a machete.

What was Jason's weapon from Friday 13th?

Jason usually uses a machete.

What was jason's weapon called?

His weapon was a machete

What does Jason kill people with?

His weapon of choice is a machete.

How do you dress as Jason Friday the 13th?

Really, the only necessary items you need when dressing as Jason are a hockey mask and a machete.

Did Jason ever use a chainsaw?

No, Jason has never used a chainsaw. He seems to prefer a machete, but he will use other implements if they are on hand.

Did Jason die in any Friday the 13th movie by having his head cut off with a machete?


How did Jason die in Friday the 13th 4?

Clay discovers Jason's lair and finds his sister chained to the wall. Clay frees Whitney, and all three attempt to escape as Jason arrives. The trio find an exit, but Jenna is killed before she can get out. Jason comes after Clay and Whitney, who use Jason's love and memory of his mother to distract him long enough to stab him in the chest with his own machete. Afterward, Clay dumps Jason's lifeless body into the lake, but before he and Whitney can leave Jason bursts through the lake dock and grabs Whitney. Source:

Why are people scrared of Jason voorhees?

BECAUSE hes a strange man with a hockey mask and machete and comes upi to you and kills you?

Is Jason better than chucky?

no chucky is more powerful. jason is taller and has a sword. Jason carries a large machete, and is considerably stronger than Chucky in my opinion. To take out Chucky all you would really have to do is punt him.