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As I was re-watching the fifth movie (when harry is supposed to receive the mirror) and the seventh just the other day. I realised this is not explained in the movies, as it is in the books.

The mirror is given to harry from Sirius before he leaves Grimmauld place to go back to school after Christmas - with the looming encounters of occulemency with snape.

Sirius gives it to him and says something like, use this if you ever need me; but harry stuffs it to the bottom of his trunk promising himself that no matter how bad snape is he wouldn't use whatever it was because he doesnt want sirius to come out of hiding and potentially get caught.

It is not until the very end of the movie and harry is repacking his trunk, killing time because he doesnt want to go to the feast that he comes across the still wrapped package, he opens it and finds it to be a mirror: on the back is written that this a mirror in a pair, he has the other and should he need to contact him all he needs to do is talk into the mirror and they would be able to communicate (as they couldn't talk via the fire). Harry calls into the mirror, but of course Sirius is dead and there is no answer - a rather depressing part of the book as you realise that had he not been so stubborn and opened the package, he would never have had to go into Umbridges office, couldve talked to Sirius any time and probably not have been lured to the Ministry, meaning Sirius would still be alive.

At the start of the seventh book harry is emptying out his trunk for the first time finding all sorts of rubble that has built up over the six years and comes across a shard of the mirror, he is staring into it remembering about sirius and probably thinking if only he had just opened the package. When in the mirror he sees a flash of an eye which he believes briefly to be dumbledores, im assuming who's eye it is will be explained in the last movie so I won't go on anymore.

But basically:

the mirror is an enchanted mirror that has a brother, which allows the people on either sides of the mirrors to communicate as if face to face. Harry got the mirror from sirius in the fifth book.

Someone else now has the brother to the shard of mirror Harry has, able to keep an eye on harry, and help him as seen in the Malfoy basement.

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In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book only) just before Harry is going back to Hogwarts after the Christmas holidays Sirius gave him one of the two-way mirrors that Sirius and James used at school. Harry was determined not to use it because he feared Sirius would rush to his aid which result in him being captured.

Harry finds this again in Deathly Hallows when he is cleaning out his school trunk and, true to his word he never used it, it was broken because he had left it at the bottom of his trunk for so long and there was only one bit left that hadn't turned to dust.

When 'cleaning' the house Mundungus Fletcher found the other mirror and sold it to Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus' brother, who discovered what it was and decided to keep watch for Harry.

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Q: Where did Harry Potter get the piece of mirror in the Deadly hallows movie?
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