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Paris, France. as much a landmark of the Capital as the Eiffel Tower.

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Q: Where did Edith Piaf live for most of her life?
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Which is the most popular song by Edith piaf?

Probably Non, je ne regrette rien.

Famous French singer?

There had been many famous French singers in history, but perhaps the most famous of them all is Edith Piaf. She is one of the most remembered and admired singers of all time. She specialized in 'chansons' and ballads, she had an unique voice and style that are instantly recognizable.

What was the name of the movie of Edith piaf's life?

The movie that illustrated the life of Edith Piaf is called La vie en rose. This film came out in 2007 and was directed by Olivier Dahan and starred the actress Marion Cotillard who played Piaf. Edith Piaf was the most famous French singer who was born in Paris in 1915. She had a very tough life filled to the brim with obstacles such as being blind from ages three to seven, the love of her life and her child dying, addictions to alcohol and morphine and lastly a death brought on by liver cancer. Despite these conflicts in her life she grew up to change the history of music in France. She soon became known worldwide for many of her songs which include La vie en rose, hymne à l'amour, Les trois cloches, Non, je ne regrette rien, et Sous le ciel de Paris. Her songs reflect the difficulties in her life, but also optimism. The biographical film which describes her life did so with great accuracy. The actress Marion Cotillard did an amazing job of playing Edith. Not only does she look and act like her in the film, but she does all of the singing herself, and the two share the same quality of voice. All in all, La vie en rose, was a great film with an outstanding demonstration of the life of Frances most influencing singer.

How many titles counts the repertoire of the famous singer Edith Piaf?

The question cannot be answered directly. First of all Mme Piaf died fifty years ago. Copyrights would have expired- and there were all kinds of anthology albums with other artists - a similar situation has occurred with the Beatles. She still has a popularity among her fans- I once heard a French man come out of a record store almost jubilantly shouting ( I love the record by Edith Piaf) in French. This was in l972 and she had died in l963. This Day October l0, Edith Piaf left this world in France.

Who was called little sparrow?

Édith Piaf, the French singer, was known as "The Little Sparrow" due to her petite stature and powerful singing voice. She became one of the most iconic performers in French music history.

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