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You can purchase mailing address labels online at Vistaprint, Tiny Prints, Zazzle, Staples Copy and Print, and you can try your local printing businesses.

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Q: Where could one purchase mailing address labels?
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Where could one get return address labels?

To purchase return address labels, you could order them from your local bank or post office. You can also find the at various websites such as Vista Print.

Can I print off address labels on my home computer?

Yes! A great site for printing labels is You could also do it step by step, completely from scratch. Here is a good site that could help you from the start!

What type of store would stock bubble mailing envelopes?

You could purchase bubble mailing envelopes from Walmart or other department store. If you would like to purchase them in bulk, you could purchase them from an online retailer, or from a mailing service like the USPS or FedEx.

Where could I get return address bulk labels?

You could get return address labels in bulk at your local post office. At the post office, they are really kind with your needs and give you discount in bulk.

What is the cheapest way to get personalized mailing labels?

The best way is to search for current sales. Once you sign with them, you could also receive great samples in the mail! If you are feeling creative you can even make your own! Here is a great tutorial:

Where can one purchase roll labels?

There are many places on line to purchase roll labels including Premier Markings which provides custom labels. One could also look into Vista Print and Zazzle which also sell them.

Where can one purchase Click'n'ship labels?

You can purchase click n ship labels at a united state postal service in your area. The price of them will determine on how many click n ship labels you will buy. 1000 labels could cost you around 45 U.S dollar.

Where can one purchase a MLM mailing list for cheap?

There are many places where one could purchase a cheap MLM mailing list. Two major companies that sell MLM mailing lists are Cutting Edge Media and MLM Lead Specialist.

What is a good company that sells inexpensive custom mailing labels?

If you have Microsoft Word, you may be able to design the label there -- look for it in the "templates" section of the software and follow the directions, or you could find and buy the Avery labels for that purpose.

Is it proper to have return address labels made with your married name on your wedding invitations?

I wouldn't. These days, you could print your own labels and use those.

How can free address labels be obtained?

You will be able to find address labels for quite cheap online - but you may not be able to get them for free. You could buy sticker sheets and print the labels yourself if you don't mind doing a little extra work to save money.

Where could I find free address labels?

VistaPrint has an offer where they will print a set of address labels for you for free, but you will have to pay for shipping and processing. You can also get branded ones from charities like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which they use to advertise their cause. You can contact them and request a pack of labels from them as long as you don't mind their advertising on the labels.