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You can watch it On Sunday Janurary 27 at 8pm. On Nickelodeon.

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Q: Where can you watch the new Zoey 101-Trading Places?
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Is chase coming back to pca?

Yes Chase is Coming Back To PCA Watch Nickelodeon On May 2 It is the new Movie for Zoey 101 it is called Chasing Zoey and chase returns

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Most people might be thinking yes but the real answer is no you can watch a new episod of zoey 101 every Sunday night at 8:00 on teenick. When the new episodes of Zoey 101 are done, then yes.

Where can I watch full Zoey 101 episodes?

here or Disney channel,dowload t.v. the website(you have to pay!)or type question in at Google ive dowloaded zoey 101 before.......go to utube they will FOR SURE have what your looking . You can watch all of them on there.

Are they going to make new season of Zoey 101?


Are they going to make new episodes of Zoey 101?

No they are not

Is zoey 101 cancled?

It is going to be, Why: because she has to take care of her new baby When: After season 4 or after the movie Chasing Zoey

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What are the release dates for Zoey 101 - 2005 New Roomies 1-2?

Zoey 101 - 2005 New Roomies 1-2 was released on: USA: 9 January 2005

On the new zoey 101 does James find out that zoey andd chase are cuming to school?

No. James does not find out, otherwise they would have shown it in that episode.

Is zoey from zoey 101 coming back to pca?

Zoey WILL come back to see chase because he said he's in love with her but because chase said that he went to England for a symester to see zoey and they won't be together until the end of the new series. I hope this helped :)

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