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You can buy or rent the DVD or watch it on television.

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Q: Where can you watch the movie dances with wolves?
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How do you say dances with wolves in Sioux like the movie did in closing sccene?

The Lakota for "Dances with Wolves" is shunkmanitutankaowachi

Is dances with wolves an American movie?


What movie won best picture for 1990?

Dances With Wolves

Who is the target audience of the movie dances with wolves?

Young adults and adults

What Indian tribe was in dances with wolves?

Comanches in the novel, Sioux in the movie..

What is the enemy tribe of Indian in Dances With Wolves movie?


Who played Kicking Bird in the movie Dances With Wolves?

Krystal Ortiz

what is Dances with Wolves?

Dances with wolves is a movie about a guy that gets abandoned at an old Soldier camp. Then he relizes he has neighbors;Indians. The Cheyene to be exact. But the Indians saw him messing our round with a wolf that he names two socks. So they call the man dances with wolves.

Was the song heres to the heroes in a movie?

Dances with Wolves written by John Barry

What is the guys name with the mules in the movie Dances with wolves?

He calls himself Timmons

What was the budget for Dances with Wolves?

The Production Budget for Dances with Wolves was $19,000,000.

When was Dances with Wolves?

Dances with Wolves was created on 1990-11-21.