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There is not currently a dubbed version of Kanketsu-hen. The original dubbing cast has been asked to return, but the episodes have not yet been released.

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Q: Where can you watch inuyasha kanketsu-hen dubbed?
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How many episodes are in the InuYasha - The Final Act?

There are 26 episodes in Inuyasha: The Final Act(Inuyasha Kanketsuhen).

Where can you watch inuyasha episode 99 online English dubbed?

On youtube or Go to thanks sooo much. - zeldalover

Has anyone seen the fifth Inuyasha movie?

There is no fifth Inuyasha movie. For a time, there were rumors about one being released in 2009, but it never was. It is possible that rumors about the supposed "fifth movie" were in fact about the final, concluding "season" of Inuyasha, entitled Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen or Inuyasha: The Final Act, which wrapped up its first and only season with 26 episodes on March 29, 2010.As of this date, there have been no further announcements of a planned fifth movie.You can watch Inuyasha: The Final Act for free on Shonen Sunday's anime website.

When will inuyasha final acts set 2 english dubbed be coming out on DVD?

Its not they have not even dubbed the final act

When will Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen be English dubbed?

Yes! it already has... No It has not, It has been SUBBED not DUBBED. Most likely fall of 2010 it will start showing dubbed.

Where can you watch inuyasha final act?

the only website i know to watch inuyasha episodes, and all other episodes like naruto bleach one peice and all them is at EASTANIME.COM You can also watch Inuyasha: The Final Act on Hulu with English subtitles.

What website does Inrush episode 168 English dubbed on?

There isn't going to be a Inuyasha episode 168. Instead they are going to make a new series of Inuyasha called Inuyasha Final Act.

When is inuyasha final act going to be dubbed?

Today InuYasha The Final Act came out English dubbed.

Where can you see inuyasha movie 5?

try veho and for the ep go to dubbed episodes

What are some dubbed anime similar to fushigi yuugi and inuyasha?

Haruka:Beyond the stream of time

How can you get inuyasha show back in rolling?

inuyasha is on t.v. but it comes out on sundays and it starts at 2 or 5 of the morning in order for me to watch inuyasha i set a timer to record each episode of inuyasha but i dont know if you can watch it on t.v. so you can just watch online at WWW. InuYasha

Where can you watch inuyasha movie 5 englished dubbed?

You can watch it, and the 6th movie at, It has a long list of animes but ull find it, all the animes are in alphabetical order