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IDK. only has 2-3 minute segments. Hulu has the same. you have to pay for any other sites.

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Q: Where can you watch full episodes of the show LOST TAPES from Animal Planet not the stupid show LOST?
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Where to Watch full episodes of lost tapes?

animal planet

When will new episodes of Lost Tapes return to Animal Planet?

Never. It ended its run in 2010

What channel is lost tapes on?

Animal Planet

What cannel can you see lost tapes?

Animal Planet

When is Animal Planet's Lost Tapes on?

Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Why did they stop showing lost tapes on Animal Planet?

The Animal Planet stopped showing Lost Tapes because of ratings. This show only ran for three seasons at which time they did not renew it.

Was there a Female astronaut named Bach?

No. "Lost Tapes" is a fictional show on animal planet

Does the dover demon exist?

Yes it does because I like to watch Lost Tapes witch is a t.v. show on animal planet and it is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What time does lost tapes come on?

On Animal Planet at 10 PM (Yes, two hours before midnight they air a scary show)

Is the show lost tapes fake?

No, Sadly there are no such things as a walking lizard like lizard man

Are there any vampiers now?

I don't believe there is any human vampires. I know for a fact there are "vampire bats" Which only drink animal blood such as cows. I've seen a show on animal planet called lost tapes. Its a series of episodes about mystical creatures & people's experiences & there is one on vampires. But I am a 13 year old girl I hope to learn the real answer someday[:

What are the deadliest mythical creatures?

for example the sasquach is a very dangerous mythical creature if intrested in this subject theres an episode bout this stuff its called Lost Tapes on animal planet