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i cant find any website and i searched almost 30 Google pages....

sorry i think there isnt a way for now


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Q: Where can you watch freefonix online?
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Where can you watch the freefonix episode robo rapper?

hi im actually a no1 fan of freefonix myself i have around 4 or 5 video tapes recorded i may put them on youtube my youtube channel is called mr freefonix i miss that show it doesnt exist anymore when you go online it doesnt exist sorry man

When was Freefonix created?

The duration of Freefonix is 1800.0 seconds.

Where you can find freefonix lyrics from?

The site has all the lyrics to the freefonix songs!

When did Freefonix end?

Freefonix ended on 2008-07-06.

Are there any lyrics for the freefonix song no place like home?

The site has all the freefonix lyrics!

How can you get the lyrics to freefonix no place like home?

The site has the lyrics to all the freefonix songs, definitely worth checking out!

Who does the voice for bb from freefonix?

Shelley Longworth

Where can you get the lyrics for freefonix songs?

some of the songs are avalible for download on itunes and and hmv(?) but i don't know about the others

What actors and actresses appeared in Freefonix - 2007?

The cast of Freefonix - 2007 includes: Jules de Jonge Shelley Longworth as BB Shelley Longworth as Multiple Marcel McCalla as Multiple Susan Zelouf

Why have they taken freefonix off of cbbc?

because they don't want us to be in love with it anymore. i HATE them. and i really want freefonix back on tv. if there's a necxt time it's on; you might want to record it. but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lolz

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