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YouTube should have it

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Q: Where can you watch SBS Strong Heart or Kang Shim Jang with English subtitles?
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on in subtitles. You can also watch bleach episodes in English and with subtitles. You can also watch bleach the movie 2 in subtitles.

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looll I actually do not know I was wondering someone would answer this questions because I really want to watch what is your rashee with english subtitles -__-

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Nowhere. It doesn't broadcast with English subtitles.

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You can watch it on youtube with English subtitles.

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you can watch the first three episodes on with English subtitles

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If you have Netflix then just watch it there.

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There are several sites online where you can watch ai ore with english subtitles. You can also buy a cd with english subtitles. as far as I know none, please someone translate thank you

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You can watch it on netflix now and its in english

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I'm almost positive you can buy the movie at FYE or SUNCOAST. You buy it, then there should be a languages link in one of the menus. You can watch it in Italian with English subtitles or just watch it in English!

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You can watch it with English subtitles on or but currently, there isn't any Hindi dubbed or subtitles version, at least not that I know of.