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Follow the link below to watch all naruto, naruto shippuden episodes and movies.

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It's on the right side under "Currently airing anime". It's not in English of course but has complete subtitles for all episodes. Hope it helps.

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Links to watch Naruto Shippuden episodes:

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Q: Where can you watch Naruto shipuuden episodes online?
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Were you can watch naruto episodes online for free?

Check the link.

Where can you watch free naruto episodes online on your wii?

i think

Where can you watch Naruto shippuden 86 and 87 online full episode?

You can watch it or

When is Naruto on?

if you watch subbed in English, it comes out online if you look every Friday (late Thursday) For all episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden visit You can watch all the episodes there for free.

Where can you watch naruto episodes online?

I would suggest nwanime, it has all the Naruto episodes up to date, even the newer Japanese ones.

What website can you watch Naruto Uncut English episodes online for free?

Some people on myspace put up all the English dubbed naruto episodes there.

Where can you find naruto episodes in English that you can watch online?

You are able to watch Naruto Shippuden either on TV or Internet.Note: You can watch Naruto Shippuden at, the episodes are available in English but only up to episode 80 the rest of the episodes are in subbed. They will continue to make the rest in English, but that will take time.

Who watch Naruto?

i watch naruto every day have the episodes at home :)

Where can you watch free online naruto episodes in English for free with no downloads?; they have info on movies, shippuden episodes, English dubbed episodes, and more.

Where can you watch Naruto English version?

You can just google "Watch TV Online:, the first link that will comme out has most episodes on it :)

When is Naruto Shippuden episodes coming on tv?

The truth is, Shippuden episodes are for "true, blue fans". You must watch Naruto online, or not at all.(Shippuden) Even though Naruto must be watched online, even he video games allow you to explore these amazing and inspirational episodes! Happy watching! :)

Where online do you watch naruto Shippuden? or you could even search "naruto shippuden episodes" on google and it will search lots of websites.