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Buy it like a decent human being.

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Q: Where can you watch Mega 64 version 3 online?
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Where can I watch the mega64 podcast aftershow?

Twitch tv- mega 64

What Mega Man games were there for the Nintendo 64?

The only Mega Man game released on the Nintendo 64 was Mega Man 64 (also known as the first Mega Man Legends).

Is there a Super Mario 64 game online?

yes sm64ds it makes the n64 vesion crap compared to it and the 64 version is great somehow get both

What are the release dates for Diddy Kong Racing - 1997 VG?

Diddy Kong Racing - 1997 VG was released on: Denmark: 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Finland: 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Norway: 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Sweden: 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) USA: 31 October 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Austria: November 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Germany: November 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) Switzerland: November 1997 (German speaking region) (Nintendo 64 version) Australia: 21 November 1997 Japan: 21 November 1997 (Nintendo 64 version) USA: 24 November 1997 UK: 5 December 1997 (Nintendo 64 version)

Can you get Luigi in Mario 64?

Not in the original Nintendo 64 version. He is a playable character in the DS version of the game though.

What is animal crossing for the Nintendo 64 like?

This 64 version was only released overseas. There is a translated version but it is not 100% perfect. It is almost identical to the Gamecube version.

What is Super Smash Bros. rated?

Nintendo 64 version is rated E, the Gamecube and Wii version are rated T

What comes after 64 125.....?

I say 247. Add the number by itself and subtract 3. :]] ~Mega:]

What are the release dates for Bomberman Hero - 1998 VG?

Bomberman Hero - 1998 VG was released on: Japan: 30 April 1998 (Nintendo 64 version) Canada: 31 August 1998 (Nintendo 64 version) USA: 31 August 1998 (Nintendo 64 version) UK: 31 October 1998 (Nintendo 64 version)

Is there a 64 bit windows compatible version for creatacard 2?

how can i upgrade my 1997 version 32 bit creatacard to 64 bit window 7

I super Mario 64 can you play as bowser?

If you have the DS version you can use Action Replay to play as bowser. Unfortunately you can't on the Nintendo 64 version.

What is a service pack 1 64 bit mean?

its the first "generation" i guess of updates combines into a "pack", the 64 bit means its meant for the 64 bit version of windows, not the 32 bit version