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Q: Where can you watch Doc with billy ray Cyrus for free?
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What role did Billy Ray Cyrus play in the tv show doc?

=He played Dr. Clint 'Doc' Cassidy=

What channel is Doc starring Billy Ray Cyrus played on?

channel 11

Who is the blond patient in the new restasis commercial?

Looks like Andrea Robinson who played on the show Doc with Billy Ray Cyrus

Is Doc staring Billy Ray Cyrus Seasons 2 and on ever coming out on DVD?

No, the Season 2 is not out on DVD. You can find Doc, Season 1 out on DVD for very reasonable prices.?æ

How many years has miley cyrus sang?

She began singing in 2001 (at the age of eight) when her family had to move to Canada in order for her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, to film the television series Doc. So as of 2012, she has been singing for 11 years

What was Miley Cyrus characters name on doc?


What is destiny hope doc?

e line destiny hope christmas cyrus

What was the first show Miley Cyrus and her dad worked on?

Miley Cyrus had a small role on Billy Ray's series "Doc" (2001-2004) as a friend of the character Raul Garcia, played by Tyler Posey. In three episodes, age 8 and 10, she still used her birth name, Destiny Hope Cyrus. She did not appear on her Disney series Hannah Montana until she was 13.

How Miley Cyrus started her career?

she started her career on TV show called DOC

What was Miley Cyrus's first job?

she was a little girl on her dad's tv show, doc

Where can you talk to?

A doc for free online

What are the names of Billy Ray Cyrus's siblings?

Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus has 6 kids.