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Some stores that sell manga, also buy manga. Selling the manga online is another viable option.

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Q: Where can you sell your manga?
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Does borders sell comics?

Yes and manga books .

Where can you sell manga?

Does anywhere in Northern Ireland sell manga?

Manga can be bought in Waterstones' bookstore in Belfast on the first floor.

Where can a kid publish a manga?

in a store where people sell mangas at.

Does Books-A-Million sell Manga?

They're online store does sell a wide variety of manga; see related link below. Also most Books A Million stores have a section specifically for manga and will often have sales, for example: buy 2, get the 3rd free on all Viz manga.

How can you sell a manga of your own?

you can entering contest if oyu are really good

Where do they sell lucky star manga vol2?

Lucky Star Manga Volume 2 copies can be found through many of the local retail bookstores. The manga can also be found online on several manga reader websites.

Where can you sell your manga collection in Calgary Alberta?

Any online auction website that services Canada allows listing of manga for sell. Using the most popular websites brings about the greatest results. Posting local classified ad on Kijiji or Craigslist Canada attracts local manga collectors.

What is the income for becoming a manga writer?

the income is based on how much you sell so write good manga and make good money :] good luck if you plan on becoming a mangaka

Where can you buy anime books?

'Anime books' are called manga. Which you can usually find at your local book store or even online. Some thrift stores sell manga also.

Who do you contact do request a favorite manga be turned into an anime series?

You can't call and request that a certain manga can be made into an anime... The anime industry and production companies decide based on how popular and how much they think the manga would sell as an anime.

Where can you sell your manga collection in Sacramento California?

You can check out They are on the east coast, but they'll pay for the shipping.

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