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You can go online to Digital DJ Tips to find tips on how to scratch and other DJ tips. Alternatively, you could go online to DJ Tutorial or go on YouTube to watch tutorial videos on how to scratch.

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Q: Where can you learn DJ scratching?
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Where can one learn to be a DJ?

One can learn to be a DJ from the Digital DJ Tips website. One can also learn to be a DJ from websites like Learn 2 DJ, Forbes, How Stuff Works and many more.

What is a dj turn table?

It is a device which DJ's can use techniques like beat mixing/matching, scratching, and beat juggling.

Which song on dj hero has the longest scratching parts?

Artist - Scratch Perverts Mix - Beats And Pieces

Can any turntable be use for dj?

Yes and no. Some Dj labels that are used for scratching, DnB, or beat-making are Gemini, Stanton, Vestax and NuMark. Some turntables are just for listening to music with records. It is possible to use those for scratching but it would look extremely stupid and you would be an outcast to the DJ community. If you have an questions on turntables/mixers/or any DJ equipment feel free to write me a message

Where could learn more about building a DJ setup?

One can learn more about building a DJ setup online. There are several tutorials for beginners available online. Wikihow is a great source for one to use to learn more about building a DJ setup.

What education is required for DJ?

it's the buttons you have to learn. :(#)

Where could one learn to be a computer DJ?

Being a computer DJ is easier than being a normal one because creating sounds is much easier. A person can learn to do this by downloading computer DJ software.

What does it take to be a DJ?

To be a DJ it takes you to be calm a you learn your songs so you can be a top number one DJ. ...Mix your songs up and maybe you can be a winner.

What skills does a DJ have?

no skills learn how to play real music with a guitar

How do you dj?

first do to the bars often learn.. then pic up a good DJ cases, something like : ATA DJ case, DJ Flight Cases,DJ gear cases, DJ Mixer Case, DJ Rack Cases, DJ Road Case, DJ turntables, DJ Video Cases, CD Player Cases, CD,LP Cases, CD Flight Cases,Custom DJ Cases, Various CD Players DJ Coffin, Various Turntable DJ Coffin ... pick up one of them... i think you missed somthing budy you got too learn how to produce and work with computers first? well duh wow ! weird. The easiest way is to utilize a how to dj course like the dj master course:

How does someone learn the basic skills to being a DJ?

Buy or rent DJ equipment to practice with. Look at online instruction videos to learn the basics and keep practicing until you have learnt the skills you require.

Advice for Aspiring DJ?

The best advice I can offer would be to actually team up with a DJ in the field. They'll allow you to learn the skills on a technical level, while helping you learn the business techniques involved.

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