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They are on, link to them is provided below.

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Q: Where can you get copies of Cyborg-009 tv series 1979-1980?
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You can buy V 2009 in DVD or blu-ray copies, or watch it online.

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Shamefully Fox Media has not re-mastered nor released this wonderful series to DVD for purchase. Thankfully it is available on broadcast quality DVD as it was recorded from broadcast or older film copies of the series. Although all episodes were filmed in color one or more of the copies recorded to DVD may be in Black & White. On a quality scale of from 0 to 10 I have seen copies that are around a 7... The entire 39 episode TV Series has been uploaded on YouTube, the playlist can be accessed here: There is a website devoted to this series that can be found at: Although not completely accurate it is THE best overall resource I've found for information and media for the series.

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Yes there is, it was dubbed by a Welsh audio post production company in the late 1980s into English. I don't know where to obtain any copies from.

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If you are talking about the movie, then yes. It is still available on DVD, though you may have to special order it at your local movie store. If you are talking about the TV series, then you're out of luck because no official DVD version was ever put out. There were some tapes released of the series & occasionally they are put on eBay, but most of what is passed around are bootleg copies that were taped directly off of TV.

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