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If you go to the official Nicki Minaj website ( you go to the merchandise section. They have a wig kit that comes with one pink wig and a bag that's clear and say's Nicki Minaj on it. It costs 25 dollars and you get to order it online.

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If you are in Australia, you can buy a blonde wig at stores like The Reject Shop and Red Dot.

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You can get them from Walmart ... Well you can also get them FROM kmarts just go to a hair section :)

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Q: Where can you get blond wigs at?
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What coler is Hannah Montana's hairwhen she is performing?

Hannah has blond wigs but naturally brown.

Do Marilyn Monroe Halloween wigs only come in blond?

One of the iconic elements of the Marilyn Monroe look is the platinum blond hair. Marilyn wigs available online are all offered in some shade of white-blond: AND

How do you get blond ponytail on Club Penguin?

It used to be in the big wigs catalog, but then the big wigs came inside the Penguin Style and you have to look for it in the Penguin Style catalog, which changes every month

What is the average price of blond real hair wigs?

The prices of blonde wigs made from human hair vary by brand, length, quality and retailer. For instance, a short blonde wig from Fairy Wigs costs roughly $150.00. A longer wig sold at the same retailer is priced anywhere from $200.00 to $300.00. Some blonde wigs could be as expensive as $500.00.

What is Lady Gaga's hair color?

Lady Gaga's natural hair color is brown, but she wears blonde wigs and dies her hair. She wears front lace wigs, that actually appear as if hair is growing from your scalp . Last seen on The Ellen show, she was wearing one on her head at that time. These wigs are extremely expensive and require much maintenance as they are chemically glued to your head. Lady Gaga's natural hair colour is Dark Brown but when she got famous she dyed it blonde. Now sometimes she wears wigs out and about.

How could one make a blonde wig from real human hair?

Making wigs from human hair is a specialty skill. There are many places to buy blond wigs made from real human hair. Or if a specialty wig is needed finding a wig maker and commissioning a wig would be the ideal way to find a blonde wig.

What is a group of wigs called?

A group of wigs we believe is called a "nest" of wigs.

do your store sell cissy wigs?

do metro plaza wigs sell cissy wigs?

What where hairstyles and hair color in the 1700 like?

Those big bottom wigs, that sometimes exceed 3 feet in height, and on rare occasions have been known to raise to 5 feet. They where usually white, or blond.

How Many wigs does she own?

7 wigs

Does Nikki manaj were wigs?

yes she do were wigs

Can you bleach a synthetic wig blond?

No, you can not bleach a synthetic wig, or do any kind of chemical process. synthetic wigs are what they are. The only alterations you can make would be with design cutting. They make human hair wigs that will stand up to chemical processing but even then it is very important to choose your style carefully because unlike natural hair wigs are not moisturized by the oil from our scalps and can very easily become damaged and brittle. Your best bet is to purchase the wig that fits your style from the start.