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i have a picture of my own that is signed except i wont give it away and i have a picture with me in it with her

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Q: Where can you get a picture of Kara Crane?
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How tall is Kara Crane?

Kara Crane is 5' 2".

How old is Kara Crane?

Kara Crane is 17 years old! She was born in 1990! :]

Who is kara crane?

She Is Dating Dylan Sprouse

When is Kara Crane's birthday?

30 November 1990

Who is Kara Crane dating?

She Is Dating Dylan Sprouse

What is the real name of piper in the suite life on deck?

Her real name is Kara Crane.

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Yes he kissed kara crane on minutmen! they are a good cuple.right?

You Dylan Sprouse dating kara crane?

No, Kara and Dylan have never dated. I don't even know how these rumours started! I'm a friend of hers and I can promise you, they have not dated.

Does kara crane has a boyfriend?

maybe she dose you arsshole, or maybe she dont like you leave her alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you loser

What has the author Cheryl Crane written?

Cheryl Crane has written: 'Lana' -- subject(s): Biography, Motion picture actors and actresses

Crane picture and labeled diagram?

there are lots of different parts of a crane here are some boom arm,base,rotational part,hook and wire

Does Dylan sprouse have a girlfreind?

Dylan Sprouses girlfriends, in order) Caitlin Sanchez Daveigh Chase Emily Osment Rebecca Rosso Kara Crane-now