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well she has a Palm Pree, so i went to the kisosk at the mall cause i have the same type of phone and i got the SAME design on my case as hers looks like in the show. so yeah

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Q: Where can you get a phone cover like Hanna's on Pretty Little Liars?
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What is the first book of Pretty Little Liars?

It's the self titled Pretty Little Liars book. It has a yellow cover with a dark blond-haired doll on the cover.

Who is on the cover of the eighth Pretty Little Liars book?


What are the release dates for Pretty Little Liars - 2010 Cover for Me 4-22?

Pretty Little Liars - 2010 Cover for Me 4-22 was released on: USA: 4 March 2014

Pretty Little Liars book 5?

Wicked and spencer is on the cover

Why are the girls dirty on Pretty Little Liars cover?

they buried their friend.

Who are the girls on the covers of the Pretty Little Liars books?

The girls on the cover of the Pretty Little Liars series are Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and i think Alison is on one of them.

What is the name of the second Pretty Little Liars book?

It is called Flawless and Aria is on the cover

What is the third book's name in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shephard?

Perfect (it has a pink cover) ;)

What kind of laptop is Hanna using in Pretty Little Liars?

dell inspiration 5110 cover changer with a longer keyboard

Are there Pretty Little Liars books are there more than one book with the same name?

There are Pretty Little Liars books. In the series, there are eight books total, all of the books go by different titles, but the only two books that share the same title is the first book: Pretty Little Liars. This reason is that there is the original book with a doll-like person as the cover; the other one has all 4 girls together covered with dirt, which is most likely the first episode of Pretty Little Liars, but somewhat different than the original book.

Who is on the cover of Pretty Little Liars?

here are all of the books and who are on them: pretty little liars #1: Spencer HastingsFlawless #2 Hanna MarinPerfect #3: Aria MontgomeryUnbelievable #4: Emily FieldsWicked #5: Spencer HastingsKiller #6: Hanna MarinHeartless #7: Emily FieldsWanted #8: Aria MontgomeryTwisted #9: Spencer Hastings

Who is Ali's inside source in Pretty Little Liars?

All we know is the 4 girls dont know where alison is.Alison is a,but a did not die.Mona is trying to cover Alisons back the real person how is sending the messages is MONA!