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A library

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Q: Where can you get 2 borrow books?
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Are you allowed 2 buy or get books from the Library of Congress?

You can only borrow books but you can't buy any.

Where can people borrow books?

You can sign up for a card at your local library, which will allow you to borrow books for free.

Can you rent books on the Kindle Fire?

yes, you can not exactly rent books, but you can borrow them from the online kindle library. Also, if you have a local library, you can borrow books from their website if they have one.

An example of Yes-no question?

1. can i borrow your books? yes/no 2. may i take your order? yes/no

What is puffin club?

it is a club where u can buy books and borrow books

Where can i get the little house on the prairie books?

You can ge books and borrow them at the library.

What person can help you find a good book to borrow?

A librarian would help you borrow books.

Where can you borrow Percy Jackson books?

Try the library.

Where people go to borrow books?

they go to library

Why do libraries have books?

because libraries are places built for people to borrow or read books

How do fish borrow books?

Well fish cant actually borrow books and if they did have books in the water you wouldn't be able to see the writing as all the ink would spread so i hope this was of some use x

Where do people read books?

People read books everywhere. They can borrow them in a library and buy them in a bookshop.