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Cross northern skies

Cut my blue heart in two

My knuckles bleed

Down the tattered street

On a door that shouldn't be

In front of me



Note: the original song lyrics have been modified for the Wallander series.

(The original text was 'Melbourne' skies, 'Johnson' street, etc.)

Here's the complete (original) lyrics:



Tram wires cross Melbourne skies

Cut my red heart in two

My knuckles bleed down Johnston street

On a door that shouldn't be in front of me

Twelve thousand miles away from your smile

I'm twelve thousand miles away from me

Standing on the corner of Brunswick

Got the rain coming down and mascara on my cheek

Oh whisper me words in the shape of a bay

Shelter my love from the wind and the rain

Crow fly be my alibi

And return this fable on your wing

Take it far away to where gypsies play

Beneath metal stars by the bridge

Oh write me a beacon so I know the way

Guide my love through night and through day

Only the sunset knows my blind desire for the fleeting

Only the moon understands the beauty of love

When held by a hand like the aura of nostalgia




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These are NOT the same words as the intro song for YOUNG WALLANDER....JS

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Q: Where can you find the song lyrics to the Wallander theme song Nostalgia by Emily Barker?
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