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1) Tailed Fox



Those Work great..

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You can watched dubbed Naruto anime at

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Q: Where can you find original episodes of naruto online that are dubbed?
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What website can you watch Naruto Uncut English episodes online for free?

Some people on myspace put up all the English dubbed naruto episodes there.

Where can you watch naruto Shippuden dubbed English online past episode 68? or they both have naruto and naruto shippuden episodes in English dubbed and subbed

Where can you watch Naruto shippuden 86 and 87 online full episode?

You can watch it or

Where can you watch naruto English dubbed episodes?

You can watch it English dubbed in a site. click below to go to site

Where can you watch free online naruto episodes in English for free with no downloads?; they have info on movies, shippuden episodes, English dubbed episodes, and more.

Are they ever going to finish the Naruto series in America or are they not doing that show anymore?

It is still running.. or at least you can find the episodes online. Check out and look at either English Dubbed or Naruto Episodes. Dubbed will be spoke in English, while the episodes will have subtitles at the bottom.

Why does Naruto episodes talk Japanese online?

Naruto is originally a manga ( a Japanese version of a comic book) and then turned into an anime (a cartoon, usually from japan) and the original episodes are made in japan, then the U.S. U.K. and all other countries decide they wanted the episodes too, but they are about a year behind. You were watching subbed anime, where you have to read the subtitles. Look up Naruto dubbed episodes.

What website can you watch all the Naruto episodes dubbed in English online for free without Megavideo?

Are Naruto Shippuden episodes still being made?

Yes, English dubbed episodes of Naruto:Shippuden are still being made. They air on Disney XD.

Why does not have ay naruto Shippuden episodes?

Well if they begin shippuden to soon the online manga will get behind. They're waiting for it to get far enough ahead before starting the episodes.

When do new naruto Shippuden episodes come out you are stuck on 192 naruto get written that naruto shippuden episode 192 English dubbed will be online on June 8th 2013 but there late?

The New Naruto Shippuuden episodes come out January 2013 starting with episodes 295. The current release or aired date for episode 192 is June 8,2013.

When wil naruto shipouden dubbed 213 come out?

There is Naruto episode 213 English dubbed which can be found online. The episode is called Vanished Memories.