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There's actually a video of him doing flips on the football field. Go to YouTube and search 'Taylor Lautner football highlights' and you'll find it.

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2009-07-17 06:59:22
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Q: Where can you find a pic of Taylor Lautner playing football?
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What does Taylor Lautner find interresting?

football, baseball, basketball, piano, guitar, and karate

Where do you find Lautner Taylor on Facebook?

Taylor lautner does not have a facebook. but has a myspace.

Do they have a picture of Taylor Lautner's sister?

Yes they do!! Go to Taylor Lautner and his sister on google!! and there you will find it!!

Where can you find pix of Taylor Lautner shirtless ahhhh?

Go onto photo bucket and type in 'Taylor lautner shirtless' and it should come up.

What is Taylor Lautner's Facebook address?

Taylor Lautner does not have a Facebook account but has many fan sites. If you type in 'Taylor Lautner' in Facebook search you are bound to find some groups.

What does Taylor Lautner find attractive in ladies?

Taylor Lautner is attracted to ladies because of their looks like how they do their hair or makeup.

Where can one find a biography of Taylor Lautner?

A biography for Taylor Lautner can be found online at IMDb. Wikipedia also has their own Taylor Lautner biography split up into mini sections of his life

How can you find Taylor Lautner?

By sniffing around in the woods.

Where you can find Taylor Lautner actually singing because many looked on You tube but there was not a video of him actually singing without playing around please help?

You will find Taylor Lautner ACTUALLY singing in this 'Apolgise' music video at URL:

Where can i find magazines all about Taylor lautner?

kmart or walmart

Where can you find posters of Taylor Lautner?

maybe at kmart or walmart

Where can you find a chat room for Taylor lautner?

look on google

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