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Modern day "grunge" is no longer called "grunge".... Modern day bands with stylings similar to grunge are classified as "post grunge"....

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Q: Where can you find a modern day grunge band?
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What is grunge day?

April 5, For the death of Kurt Cobain. A leading artist in Grunge style music. From the Band "Nirvana"

Which is a better band green day or pearl jam?

Pearl Jam is a Grunge Band, Green Day a Punk. Punk is a very simple music style, grunge isn't. Basically Pearl Jam's music is more complex. So Pearl Jam is a better band. But in the end, it's all about taste.

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How did grunge music affect the 90s?

Grunge affected the fashion and musical world of the 90's. Even some rappers as Dj Quick, Eazy E, 2Pac were wearing flannel shirts back in the day. Grunge was the most popular form of Hard Rock for about 6 years. It was so popular that bands like Silverchairs, Bush etc jumped the bandwagon and started to play pop Grunge known as Post-Grunge to cash in. Even Radioheads first hit '' Creep'' and Oasis 'Supersonic'' 'was in performed in the Grunge rock style.

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