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The garbage

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Q: Where can you find Lil Wayne drop the world jacket?
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What is Lil Wayne newest song?

i think his newest song is demolition witched just leeked out

Where can I find a red jacket with black lines on the sleeves like Harry Potter's in HBP?

In universal at the wizarding world in florida. I have the jacket; i bought it.

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You find the Jacket At the Iceberg

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Pictures of Lil' Wayne, a popular American music performer, are available from Star Pulse. Star Pulse has pictures of many big names in the world of film and music. If one wished to find only pictures of Lil' Wayne try Lil' Wayne HQ, a fan website with additional information centering on all Lil' Wayne.

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That jacket was from Abercrombie and Fitch. Below is a link with pictures of the jacket.

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I have a John Richmond Classic Destroy jacket

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its not likely you are going to get the exact jacket but you might find something similor if your lucky they might have a contest and the winner will get the jacket

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The jacket is made by Icon, it is a Retro Daytona model in black.