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ummm...Disney Channel??

That's obvious, I believe you can find some Disney channel shows on channel 67 and all of them on channel 68. I also think there's another channel that will play some Disney channel shows on Saturday but I don't know which number.

The above numbers I think are for freeview (but I can't be sure as I don't have it) The sky number for Disney channel is 609. 610 is Disney channel+1.

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It depends on which company you are with. If you are with Direct TV the channel is 290, 291, and 292. On cox cable the channels would be 38 and 244. It depends on which company you're with. You should call or look on the website of your company to find out which channel for Disney Cartoons

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They have 5 1. Disney Channel 2. Disney XD 3. ESPN 4. ABC 5. ABC Family

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Q: Where can you find Disney channel shows?
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