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did you try anime freak?

or if you put the mouse on the video it might show some tag that says download this video if you have realplayer on your computer. i did this with some naruto episodes. trust it'll work if you have realplayer^^

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Q: Where can you download subbed or dubbed Princess Tutu episodes?
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How many bleach episodes in English sub?

So far up to Episode 95 with 96 coming out this Saturday.

Where can you watch yu-gi-oh gx?

It depends; I do not personally know of sites for dubbed/English episodes; but for subbed Japanese episodes, has many subbed episodes, in good quality.

Where can you download kuroshitsuji?

You can watch the show off YouTube. Dubbed and subbed.

How many episodes of Tokyo mew mew in a nutshell are there?

51 English subbed and 26 English dubbed

Where can i get direct download for bleach episode 69 English dubbed?

You can watch almost any anime episode at the link below.

How many Bleach episodes are there in English up to date?

As of 5/13/2012, 265 episodes of Bleach are dubbed in English. All 366 episodes are subbed in English.

How many one piece episodes are there?

Right now dubbed is at episode 205 (ongoing) and subbed is at 516 (ongoing).

Where can you watch uncut dubbed anime Not 4kids or the tv edit?

Their should be some on and if you are looking for English subbed episodes is good. Also, for dubbed episodes their is the funimation channel, although I am not sure if they have a website.

What are some funny yet romantic animes to watch?

ouran high school host club (subbed and dubbed) , fruits baskets (subbed and dubbed), DEFINATLY special A (subbed), kaichou wa maid sama (subbed and dubbed),lovely complex (subbed) andtoradora (subbed)

Why does not have ay naruto Shippuden episodes?

Well if they begin shippuden to soon the online manga will get behind. They're waiting for it to get far enough ahead before starting the episodes.

How long until all Shippuden Naruto episodes are English dubbed?

Till now there have been 165 subbed episodes and only 43 dubbed episodes. To dub these and the future coming episodes it will take around 2 years at minimum.

How many episodes the anime Naruto have?

naruto 220 subbed 220 dubbednaruto shippuden 301 subbed 39 dubbed