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I think it will probobabarly be in the Disney shop

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Q: Where can you buy the candles from the 16 Wishes movie?
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Where do you get the 16 wishes candles?

Actually, you cant get the candles anywhere. The candles were mad for the movie, they dont sell them anywhere.

How do you order the 16 Wishes candles?

you cant order it

What year was the movie 16 wishes made?

16 Wishes, the TV movie, was made in 2010.

Are magic 16 candels real so that you can make 16 wishes from 16 wishes?

no it is just a movie

Where can you buy the necklace from 16 wishes?

you can buy at Claire's

Does Selena gomez play in 16 wishes?

Selena Gomez did not star in the movie 16 ''Wishes''

Does Selena Gomez star in 16 Wishes?

no, she didn't, debbie ryan starred in the movie,16 wishes

What was the teen favorite movie of 1986?

I assume that it was 16 Candles

What movie had the most bloopers or obvious inconsistencies?

16 wishes... did

Is 16 wishes a Disney channel original movie?


What move was Debby Ryan in?

16 Wishes is the first and only movie she was in.

When does 16 wishes the movie come out?

no it will not come out in theaters