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I know that you can buy cement at any kind of hardware store (Lowe's). Lowe's probably has contact cement too.

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Q: Where can you buy contact cement?
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Who to contact at Conch Cement for international sales I'd like to buy cement from them?

i have direct contacts in conch cement company. i have direct contacts in conch cement company.

What kind of paint will cover silicone?

you can't paint silicon... however you can paint contact cement... clean silicone , paint with contact cement carefully ,paint contact cement with your paint, covering all contact cement

Will contact cement glue to canvas fabric?

Yes it will, especially if it's a spray contact cement such as 'Sta-Put' .

Why is there a foul smell coming from the patch you used contact cement on?

If it's a different foul smell than the contact cement itself, you've got a reaction between the cement (or more precisely, the solvent in the cement) and the item you put it on.

Adhesives for ceramic tiles?

contact cementANS 2 -NOT contact cement. -Use Mapei Ultramastic thin set cement for best results.

What are the advantage of cement?

Advantages of cement,Cement is used as a binding materialCement is easy to handle and applyThey are suitable to contact with potable water.

What is the difference between contact cement and fast dry cement?

Contact cement is already dry on contact, and is very different from other adhesives because it needs to air-dry for 15 to 20 minutes before assembling. As for fast dry cement, special patching dry very fast depending on manufacturer some are as fast as 1 hour.

How do you remove contact cement off Formica?

I had good results from rubbing it with Goof Off. This softened the contact cement till it rolled up in little blobs. The Formica was unharmed.

Where to buy resin cement?

In a place that sells that.

When does hydration in concrete start?

As soon as the Cement comes into contact with water. This will start as soon as the cement and aggregates come into contact unless the aggregates have been dried of all surface water.

What is the strongest and stickiest Rubber Cement Brand and what Cement to choose from this Brand to get the strongest and stickiest nonremovable Rubber Contact Cement?

Well here is the Questioner self, and i don't think that i get an Answer... So if you would know such a Brand and the Product of the perfect Choice from that Brand, let me know it and send a Message to me here in this Board via Answer or private Message :). Thanks. Or you can also ask for my Email Adress. Cheers. P.s. It should be Contact Cement, or Rubber Contact Cement :)!

What glues aren't solid or liquid?

Spray contact cement is gaseous.