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The Nightwish Wishmaster Album can be accessed or purchased through a variety of places. One can go online to a distributor such as Amazon, E-bay, or iTunes. If one wishes to only listen to the music, that could be done through Pandora, Spotify, or YouTube.

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Q: Where can you access the nightwish wishmaster album?
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What are Nightwish total album sales?

6 at the moment, but there is an album coming up so it'll soon be 7

Why did Tarja Turunen leave Nightwish?

Tarja Turunen was fired from Nightwish after their final concert on the Once tour. The letter given to her that terminated her involvement with Nightwish stated that they had not talked for a year, that the band felt that she was being greedy, and that she did not have Nightwish as a priority anymore.Disagreements between the band and her husband also played a factor in her dismissal. A copy of the letter given to her can be found on the Nightwish website, at

Who wrote the dead boy's?


What is Tarja Turunen famous for?

Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli , or better known as Tarja Turunen or Tarja,Is a finnish singer. Better known as the ex-singer of Nightwish. While she is a superstar throughtout the world she is a mega-star in her home country of Finland. Tarja had her first vocal lesson at 15 and has since became a well known oprea metal singer. During 2002 Turunen's mother died from cancer and the song You Would Had Love This was dedicated to her. In 2003 she married a argentine businessman Marcelo Cabuli who also play a part in her dismassal from Nightwish. In 2004 with the realease of the ablum Once Turunen along with Nightwish for the first time ever toured the US. In 2005 after a sold-out concert Turunen was fired via open letter. The letter cited her husband and diva ways as a part of her firing along with no longer having a passion for Nightwish. In 2007 Nightwish released their new album with Dark Passion Play with a pop style vocals a starked contrast for Turnen's oprea vocals. The song Bye Bye Beautiful was written about Turunen while Master Passion Greed was written about her husband. As of 2007 Turunen released her solo album My Winter Storm.DiscographyWith Nightwish:Angels Fall First (1997)Oceanborn (1998)Wishmaster (2000)Over The Hills and Far Away (2001)Century Child (2002)Once (2004)Solo:Henkäys Ikuisuudesta (2006)My Winter Storm (2007)

Has anyone ever listened to the Nightwish band from Finland.?

Yes xDDD

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What Nightwish albums are Tarja Turunen in?

The studio albums Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Century Child and Once, the DVD/VHS/live CD album From Wishes to Eternity, and the DVD/live CD End of an Era.

What are Nightwish total album sales?

6 at the moment, but there is an album coming up so it'll soon be 7

What are the albums released by Nightwish?

Albums Released by Nightwish are: Studio Albums: Angels Fall First-1997 Oceanborn-1998 Wishmaster-2000 Over the Hills and Far Away EP-2001 Century Child-2002 Once-2004 Dark Passion Play-2007 Imaginaerum-2011 Demos: Nightwish-1996 Angels Fall First-1997 The Poet and the Pendulum-2006 *Albums from 2007 to now have been released with Anette Olzon.

How many copies did nightwish album dark passion play sold?

As of Feburary 22 120,000 in Finland alone

When was Nightwish created?

Nightwish was created in 1996.

Which country is the band Nightwish from?

Nightwish is a Finnish Symphonic Power Metal Band formed in 1996 in the hometown of Kitee. nightwish is consider on of the bands responsible for the development and rise of popularity of the Symphonic Metal genre. The band rose to fame in their home country with the released of their debut CD Angels Fall First but did not achieve worldwide fame until the released of Oceanborn and Wishmaster. Their 2004 released Once gave the band fame in the United States. In 2007 Nightwish released their darkest and highest selling album Dark Passion Play.The current band line-up is:Anette Olzon-VocalsTuomas Holopainen-KeyboardsEmppu Vuorinen-GuitarMarco Hietala-Bass,VocalsJukka Nevalainen-DrumsFormer Members are:Tarja Turunen-Vocals(1996-2005)Sami Vanska-Bass(1996-2001)

Does Nightwish play rap?

No, Nightwish are a metal band.

Is Nightwish a Christian band?

Nightwish is NOT a Christian band.

What is the duration of Wishmaster film?

The duration of Wishmaster - film - is 1.5 hours.

Is Nightwish an anti-Christian band?

Nightwish are not anti-anything.

When was Wishmaster - film - created?

Wishmaster - film - was created on 1997-09-19.

What bass does Marco Hietala use?

He usually uses a Warwick Infinity, I believe. Although in the recent Nightwish album, he uses a Warwick Vampyre NT.