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You can purchase a universal remote from a Best Buy store or from their official online store on their website. Alternatively you can purchase one from the Argos catalogue store or from their official website.

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Q: Where can one purchase a universal remote control for an RCA television?
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What is the code for a universal remote control for a Poly tron TV?

What is the code of polytron using chunghop RM-133E

What do you do when your TV is not on the code search for a Sentry universal remote?

Try the link to Sentry.

Olevia television device code?

Such codes are generated by the universal remote manufacturer rather than the TV manufacturer. As such, the actual codes will differ from one remote to another. Regretfully, Olevia TV's (for the most part) use proprietary infrared frequencies. This means that the code for another TV brand will not work with Olevia TV's. If you are looking for a universal remote, Olevia made a learning remote (model RC-LRN). Amergence Technology Inc. sells them for 39.99. They can be reached at 866-965-3842.

How do you turn off closed captions without a remote?

See if your TV has a menu button. If it does, hit that, then go to screen options, or captioning options. You would probably use the channel up/down to navigate. you will eventually find the caption off/on/on when muted option. If there is no menu button, you may need to get another remote or a universal remote.

How can you unlock the V Chip on your Durabrand tv you don't have the original manual or remote Everything rated G and above is blocked and it isn't even asking you to input a code?

To unlock the V-Chip on a television, a person will need to use the remote control. If there is a menu button on the television, this could be used to access the V-Chip. Push the Menu button, then navigate to parental controls using the up or down volume buttons.

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Where could one purchase a GE universal remote control?

You can find a universal television remote control anywhere these days, including Walmart and Best Buy, which are the two best places to shop for these, because they are cheaper, and they have lots of reviews.

How can get universal remote code for true tech television?

what universal remote i need to purchase for true tech television code

What are some manufacturers for TV remote controls?

If you are looking for replacement tv remotes there are several to choose from. The easiest thing to do is to purchase a universal remote control from any local appliance store.

Can I get a universal remote for a tv and bose speakers?

Yes, it is possible to have a remote that will control both your TV and stereo. Many universal remotes will allow you to control multiple devices.

How can you control a 13 '' Zenith TV-VHS without the remote?

buy a universal remote.

What is the 4 digit code for a Berkshire TV on a GE universal remote control?

A code for a universal remote control ge for a Berkshire tv

How do I reset a universal remote control to work on a Emerson tv?

the steps to reset remote for a emerson tv

What is a universal remote used for?

A universal remote is used when you have more than one electronic device like a television, DVD player and a home theater system, with the universal control you will be able to control all this electronics, saving you time and the constant search for the remote control.

What is a sky remote control?

A Sky remote control is a remote control that works in sync with a Sky Digibox and TV. A Sky Digibox is a specific brand of cable boxes. Most of these remote control are universal and will work with any TV.

Where can one find a tv remote that can handle different equipment around the house?

There are a variety of places to purchase a universal remote or a tv remote that can control different equipment around the house. Best Buy is a good place to buy electronics.

How can you switch a bush tv on without its original remote control?

buy a universal control

Which TV console is best for a large screen plasma TV and DVD collection?

Following are some of the top brands to universal remote controls which can work for both TV and Bose equipments. Universal Remote Control for RCA, GE, Sony, Magnavox, Phillips, Zenith, and most major brands ,One For All DirecTV RC64RBK Universal Remote Control with Wireless Antenna ,Philips 6-Component Universal Learning Remote Control and Logitech Harmony One 915000035 Universal Remote