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Should one find themselves with a mallet finger injury, they can go to Amazon to buy an Oval-8 splint to fix their mallet finger. A mallet finger is a painful injury where the tip of one's finger is drooping because of a tendon injury in one's hand.

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Q: Where can one purchase a mallet finger?
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What else is mallet finger called?

Mallet finger is sometimes called baseball finger.

Can you play golf with mallet finger with splint on?

can i play golf with mallet finger wearing a splint

Who has had mallet finger?

Mallet finger refers to the involuntary flexion of the distal phalanx of a finger caused by the disruption or tearing of its extensor tendon.

Information on mallet fingers?

will the mallet finger be as strong as the rest of the fingers

What should a patient do if he has symptoms of mallet finger?

If symptoms of mallet finger appear, the affected individual should consult a physician or seek emergency care.

What tendon is damaged in mallet finger?

The tendon that is damaged in mallet finger is the extensor tendon. It is the tendon responsible for straightening the tip of the finger. When this tendon is injured, it can result in the inability to fully extend the finger at the last joint.

What is the main physical indication that a person has mallet finger?

The downward droop of the fingertip is the major indication of mallet finger, along with the tenderness and pain that occurs in the affected area.

How is the finger debilitated from mallet finger?

The tip of the finger has an abnormal-looking downward droop, and it may be difficult to fully extend the finger.

What usually causes mallet finger?

Mallet finger usually occurs while playing a sport that involves a ball--for example, reaching out to catch a hard pass in basketball or bare-handing a baseball.

What type of anesthesia is used for mallet finger surgery?


Where and by whom is a diagnosis of mallet finger usually made?

Mallet finger is usually diagnosed after a relatively brief physical examination conducted by an emergency care physician or by an orthopedist, the type of doctor who specializes in such injuries.

What is the typical prognosis for mallet finger?

With proper treatment, most people regain full use of the affected finger.