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One can find The Body Flex Workout by Greer Childers on DVD, which one can purchase from Amazon, eBay and Overstock. One can also find detailed information online at the website Bodyflex.

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Q: Where can one find the Body Flex workout by Greer Childers?
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What is the muscle that bends a body part?

The flex

How can I decide between different brands of ab workout machines?

The Body Flex Sports machine although it takes up a little more room than the other two machines is the most affordable of the three and it has the best reviews too!

How do you do the exercise chest workout called the butterfly?

This workout is done by a special machine that has 2 recoiling pads for both the arms. We have to flex the chest, meeting both the arms against resistance with resulting strain on the chest muscles.

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What are the articles about in the FLEX magazine?

FLEX magazine is a magazine that mainly deals with articles and news on the subject of body building and weight lifting. FLEX also shares nutrition and dietary tips for its readers.

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Hoyt Makes very fine archery equipment.... Bow "Flex" is a workout machine.... did you possibly mean BowTech?

Which home workout equipment's can I purchase?

The basic equipment from a home workout is dumbbells, pull up bar, bench and a treadmill. The dumbbells would be cheaper to get if you buy the bow flex dumbbell that can change wait from just twisting. The treadmill is not needed if you run outside, but can be affective in the winter season.

What is a good weight training routine to work the arms?

Doing both forward and backward arm circles with weights is a good workout routine. You can also just flex your arms with weights.

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There are a number of different brands out there for bodybuilding equipment. In my opinion, Bow Flex makes the best workout equipment around. Its better than anything else.

What is the slendertone flex belt?

The Slendertone Flex system uses a technology called Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS). By sending an electrical current through various abdominal muscles, the system causes them to flex and relax at the same rate that the applied electrical current increases or decreases. The ultimate effect is that the abdominal muscles are literally forced to repeatedly flex and relax, mimicking the motion of an abdominal workout.

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