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It took me ages to find it but I finally watched it on However, the only mirror that worked was Sapo and it warns that it can be slow but that doesn't really matter:P

You can also watch it on Hulu or viki but they only work in certain regions:)

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Q: Where can i watch boys before flowers episode 25?
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Where can watch boys before flowers episode 25 finale?

You can watch the finale on (:

What episode of boys before flowers did jandi and take wedding picture for a contest?

episode 21 ^^

Where can you watch boys before flowers epsodes?

Where can you watch the ova of boys over flowers?

In Narnia:D

Can somebody suggest you any good Korea serial like Boys before flowers?

let's go watch meteor shower .

How many Episodes are there in boys over flowers?

At the time of the "Boys over Flowers" season Ii was eleven-years-old. The show ran from January 5, 2009-March, 2009; the original season did not last long.

Is boys over flowers and boys before flowers same drama?

Yes. The titles are just translated differently.

Where can you watch Korea dramas?

The best place to find them is Some Korean dramas are: Boys Before Flowers, A thousand Kisses, and Love Rain.

Will there be boys over flowers 2?

no there will be one. but there is let's watch meteor shower.

What kind of play is boys before flowers?


What is the brand of the silver flats featured in boys over flowers episode 14?

Marciano by Guess

What is another name used in the TV series Boys Before Flowers?

Boys Before Flowers is a Korean drama that can also go by two different names. One is Boys over Flowers and the second is by it's Japanese name Hana Yori Dango.