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Q: Where can i find a complete list of every Dr. Who episode in order with information of the format released on including the missing episodes?
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How many episodes of Air are there?

There have been 45 episodes made of air gear but the manga is still going.

What was the first TV show on DVD?

Well, the first DVDs were 1996 (most clips and music videos). The first DVDs released in the US came out in 1997 when Lumivision released Africa the Serengeti, Antarctica, Tropical Rainforest, and Animation Greats. Warner came in a week later with its first 30 DVD titles including Blade Runner and Casablanca. It is certain that the first television episodes came out sometime between 1997 and 2000, but I can't find an absolutely clear date. Some people report that the first complete television series set was the complete first season of Fox's X-Files on September 5, 2000. However, there are many, many reports of other series being purchased prior to that... several reported in 1999 (Such as Monty Python's Flying Circus), and there may have been anime episodes or series released in Japan even earlier. If anyone finds a good source with better dates, leave the information in the discussion below, or write to and we'll update the question.

How long until all Shippuden Naruto episodes are English dubbed?

Till now there have been 165 subbed episodes and only 43 dubbed episodes. To dub these and the future coming episodes it will take around 2 years at minimum.

Is there a second season of Dark Shadows?

In Dark Shadows: The Beginning (1966) there are 6 seasons. In Dark Shadows The Revival 1991, there is a complete series on Amazon, a three disk set.Episodes 210-1245 (Barnabas' arrival through to the end of the series) have been released on DVD in 26 Collections from 2002 through 2006. Episodes 1-209 were released in 2007 under the title of Dark Shadows: The Beginning.Dark Shadows the Revival only lasted 12 episodes because of the Gulf War.

Does full moon have a episode 53?

The Full Moon o Sagashite anime is complete at 52 episodes, however there is one ten minute OVA (direct-to-video) sidestory episode called Cute Cute Adventure that was released approximately halfway through the anime's original run.

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When will star wars episodes 4 5 and 6 be released on Blu-ray?

Star Wars Blu-ray release date has been set for September 2011, according to an official announcement from 20th Century Fox. Three editions will be released, including The Complete Saga, as well as each respective trilogy.

Why does Family Guy box sets miss episodes?

They aren't missing episode.The DVD sets are released as volumes NOT complete season sets.They are called 'Seasons' outside of Region One but they are not complete seasons.

Where can someone find out how many Jaws movies were released?

The Wikipedia and IMDb entries for the Jaws movie series has information on all the films that were released, including release dates and information about the cast and crew.

How can you watch new episodes that have not been released?

No you can not

I can't find yugioh episodes 169 - 184 on DVD where can i find them?

Currently there are not released, but I heard that this November they are releasing a "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Complete Fourth Season", so that will have them all.

Is there a Legend of Zelda anime?

Yes. It aired between September 1988 to December 1988. The series was a complete failure, only having 13 episodes in the whole series. But recently a young man by the name of "Scoot" has released an anime series called "The Legend of Zelda: Unknown Origins" on Youtube and it is AWESOME. It has so far only had 10 or 11 episodes and with more coming later. For more information, go to "".

How many episodes does Mazinger Z have?

The number of episodes Mazinger Z has depends on what language it was released in. The Arabic series has 26 episodes. The English series has 27 episodes. And the Japanese series has 92 episodes.

How many episodes in hetalia world series?

OK the Hetalia series is not yet complete so it may go on forever. BUT, the number of episodes in December 29th 2010 Axis Powers Hetalia - 52 Episodes Hetalia World Series - 38 Episodes (Still More Episodes to be Added) Total Hetalia Episodes - 91 Episodes

When is season 3 of monster buster club being released?

Possibly next year if you want information about the episodes go to and go to monster buster club

When were Seinfeld series DVDs first released on the market?

Seinfeld was first released on DVD in November 2004. Episodes from seasons 1 & 2 were released together, and episodes from season 3 were released separately at the same time.

When does season 3 of Avatar the Last Air Bender comes out on DVD?

Volume 1 - Released October 30 2007, 1 Disc, 5 Episodes. Volume 2 - Released January 22 2008, 1 Disc, 5 Episodes. Volume 3 - Released May 6 2008, 1 Disc, 5 Episodes. Volume 4 - Released July 29 2008, 1 Disc, 6 Episodes. Full Box Set - Released September 16 2008, 5 Discs, 21 Episodes.

Will the original episodes of mighty morphin power rangers ever be released on DVD as they were on VHS?

Yes, the original episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be released on DVD.