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tape batman and look in if you can't find him look in mugen's

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Q: Where can batman be downloaded for mugen?
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Does mugen has a virus?

Do you mean MUGEN the game? NO, it does not. I have it on my computer, it works fine and it rly fun! It might have a virus if you downloaded it from an unknown site. To check to see if the program you downloaded has a virus, download AVG from and scan the file with it. If it is a virus, then delete it and next time download Mugen from

Where to download dbz roster 2009 mugen?

hey if you see i have downloaded dbz mugen roster 2009 for free if you want so go and download for free thanks for asking

How come when I go on YouTube and see mugen videos people have loads of character slots and when i downloaded mugen there where barely any?

because you need to download the characters seperatly You need to download them Here are two links:

How do you get batman and bat mobile on gta 4 liberty city?

Batman and Bat mobile in Grand theft auto IV is a mod that has to be downloaded

Where do you find ranma saotome for mugen?

What is Mugen?

What can you extract Naruto mugen to?

Extract it to your mugen folder

How do you make mugen work?

mugen does not work anymore

What is mugen slime?

a monster who rapes ppl on mugen

How do you get to play mugen battle online?

mugen batlle

Where to find MUGEN characters?

My personal favorite sites are and you can find almost anything for mugen.

Where can you download New Godzilla for MUGEN?

Swell, just swell... No one seemed to have to found the game called Pokemon Type Wild or the Pokemon Mugen Char.Go to i had downloaded Pokemon TypeWild 2.1 Beta Version there... few weeks ago...btw, its a cool Pokemon website... one of the best.. lol

When was Mugen Kigen created?

Mugen Kigen was created in 2007.