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The Ninth Doctor had the scripts of his episodes released a few years ago in a book called Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts

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Q: Where can I get Doctor Who scripts?
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Where can you get Doctor Who scripts?

you can buy the book 'The Shooting Scripts' which contains all the scripts of series 1.

Does Doctor Who series 2 the shooting scripts exist?

Yes, the shooting scripts for Doctor Who series 2 exist and are available. They are typically held by the production team, publishers, or online script databases for reference and research purposes.

Where can you find scripts of Doctor Who season one?

You can find scripts of Doctor Who season one on websites dedicated to TV show scripts, fan forums, or by purchasing official script books released by the show. It's important to ensure that you access these scripts through legitimate sources to respect copyright laws.

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The BBC WritersRoom has a script archive with a few official scripts. One of these is the script for "Doctor Who 3x01 Smith and Jones". Script Archive: Official Script "Doctor Who 3x01 Smith and Jones":

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