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To get to the minigames, go from the main menu to craft collection. tap on a craft you did and itll give you a closeup view of it. click play, or in some cases, dressup, which lets you dress up mama. hope this helps!

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Q: Where are the mini games in crafting mama?
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How many different cooking mama games are there?

there are far: Cooking Mama World Kitchen, Cooking Mama Cook off, and Cooking Mama games 1,2 and 3. There is also Babysitting Mama, Crafting Mama and Gardening Mama. So if you count those it makes 8 games.

What website can you play crafting mama online?

Well, I heard that had that game on there!

How people get glasses on RuneScape?

It comes from playing The Great Orb Project mini game in the rune crafting guild. The glasses are actually part of the rune crafting hat wit is one of the many prizes obtained from playing that mini game. This is a free to play and pay to play mini game.

How can you get talent points on pixie hollow?

By playing games, going to the Wilderness, and crafting. (crafting is Tinkering, Tailoring, and Baking.

What ages is the game Cooking Mama for Nintendo DS suitable for?

Cooking Mama is a Nintendo DS title that is suitable for all age groups ages 8 and up. The video game is a series of mini games based around cooking and thus, have no vulgar themes in them.

How do you skip mini games on bolt ps2?

You can't skip mini games, I think.

How do you get the mini map mod for Minecraft alpha?

I think that you have to make it on your crafting table.but I'm not a mod fan,so I'm not sure

What are the Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party mini games?

they are mini games like on super Mario brothers. they are even better than Mario mini games!

How do you make a crafting table on minecraft?

Press "e" to open your inventory. At the top, right to your character, there's a mini crafting area, with only 2x2 squares. Put one wooden plank in each square, and you'll get a crafting table. See the below link for a tutorial, including diagrams, on how to make a bed in Minecraft.

Where can you get runecrafting gloves?

You can get Rune-crafting gloves (Air, Earth, Water) from the Fist of Guthix mini-game in the wilderness. They cost 75 tokens.

Will the mother games ever be released?

Yes, Cooking Mama and Gardening Mama are out in stores now!

How do you unlock mini games in Naruto Clash of ninja revolution?

Get the highest score in the other mini games