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The factories for Harvey Nichols are located in England, the same as most of its stores. These factories are mostly found in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and other cities.

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Q: Where are the factories for Harvey Nichols located?
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When was Harvey Nichols created?

Harvey Nichols was created in 1813.

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Where can you buy Nespresso Professional Capsules in the UK?

Selfridges, Harvey Nichols.

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What is the font of the Harvey nichols logo?

The Harvey Nichols logo uses Century Gothic with around a 4 point character spacing, I'm pretty sure they've thickened the characters too but not so much as Bold does.

What are the names of four shops in London?

Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis.

What is Harvey Nichols most well known for?

Harvey Nichols is a high-end department store based in the United Kingdom. The store made headlines in January 2012 with an ad campaign featuring models (both men and women) peeing on themselves.

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Which department store in London is closest to Hyde Park?

There are many department stores located near Hyde Park in London. Harvey Nichols and Primark appear to be the closest according to a map of the area.