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I'm not sure where Denise is from, but according to Denise, Kevin Sr. grew up in North Carolina.

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Q: Where are the Jonas Brothers parents from?
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Are Jonas brothers's parents divorced?

No, their parents are together.

Are the Jonas Brothers parents on there show?


Who are the Jonas brothers parants?

the Jonas bros. parents are Denise & Kevin SR. Jonas

When did the Jonas Brothers parents get married?

The Jonas Brothers' parents (Paul and Denise) got married on August 15, 1986. Joe (the middle brother) was born three years later on their anniversary.

Where is the parents of the Jonas brothers from?

From their mom and dad.

Are the Jonas Brothers' parents from famous families?


Why are the Jonas brothers socute?

Ask their parents.

When were the Jonas brothers parents married?

in Asia

How old is the Jonas Brothers' parnets?

The Jonas Brother's parents are Denise and Kevin (Sr.) Jonas.

What counrty are the Jonas Brothers parents from?

They are from the United States!

What is the Jonas Brothers inspiration?

Other bands, and their parents.

What did Jonas brothers's parents do for a living?

their dad was a preacher