Where are lee hong ki live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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korea obviously.

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Q: Where are lee hong ki live?
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What facebook of lee hong ki?

i think real lee hong ki...i want to ask something..i want to know about lee hong ki because he is my idols..and I'm lee hong ki's fan...and i love ft island.:D

When is lee hong ki birthday?

Lee Hong Ki's birthday is on 1990-3-2 March second 1990

What is ftisland's lee hong ki favourite colour?

Hong Ki like RED&BLACK~

Who is lee hongki's sister?

who is lee hong ki sister

Did ki hong lee ever perform on victorious?


Is Lee Hongki a Christian?

Lee Hong Ki from FT Island? Yes. :)

How old is Lee Hong-gi?

Korean singer Lee Hong-gi (also Hong-ki) is 28 years old (birthdate: March 2, 1990).

Who is lee hong ki's girlfriend?

Not at the very moment he doesn't but we hope he'll find one. XD

When was Hong Ki-myung born?

Hong Ki-myung was born in 1959.

Who is lee hong ki's girlfriend before?

As of 2013, Lee Hongki is an actor and a singer that is the lead vocalist in the group called F.T. Island. The name of Lee Hongki's girlfriend before is Fujii Mina.

What south Korean player played in 3 world cups?

Hong Myung Bo, Lee Woon Jae, Kim Nam Il, Lee Young Pyo, Hwang Sun Hong,Park Ji Sung, and Seol Ki Hyeon.

When was James Won-Ki Hong born?

James Won-Ki Hong was born on 1959-09-28.