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John Lewis stores are located in Great Britain and Scotland. Specific locations are: Oxford Street, Cribbs Causeway, Highcross, Leicester, Cardiff, Eldon Square Shopping Centre in Newcastle, Buchanan street in Glasgow Scotland, Liverpool and Reading.

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The very first John Lewis store opened its doors in Oxford Street, London in the year 1864. Since then, it has opened 43 department stores since then.

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in uk

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Q: Where are John Lewis stores located?
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Where are John Lewis stores located primarily?

John Lewis stores are primarily located in the United Kingdom.

Who is john Lewis bluewater?

There is no "John Lewis Bluewater." John Lewis is a retail store and Bluewater is the location of one of the stores. The stores are located all throughout Great Britain.

Are there any John Lewis stores in the Eastview Mall?

Right now John Lewis only has stores in the United Kingdom. So no there are no John Lewis stores in Eastview Mall which is located in Victor, New York.

What are the locations available for John Lewis shops?

John Lewis is a chain of department stores located in Great Britain. There are currently 39 stores located throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The flagship store was opened by John Lewis in 1864.

How many john Lewis stores are located in Canada?

John Lewis department stores are only located in Great Britain at this time. There are 32 locations in England, Wales, and Scotland. Unfortunately all this means is there is no John Lewis store in Canada.

Where can a John Lewis kitchen be found?

"John Lewis Department stores are located throughout Scotland, Wales and all districts of London. John Lewis Kitchens and products can also we found online."

Are John Lewis Kingston stores only located in the UK?

John Lewis Kingston has 57 stores in the UK, but he offers the luxury of shopping his stores online through his website @ for those who prefer a shorter commute.

Where is John Lewis T.V. located?

John Lewis is the owner and designer of a group of fashion stores that used to be in the United Kingdom. They are now on the internet on one web store website.

Where is the John Lewis Reading department store located?

"John Lewis department stores are located in Great Britain. There are several locations spread throughout England, Scottland and Wales. The Reading location is off of Broad street."

How many John Lewis stores in UK?

Store locations for John Lewis in the United Kingdom can be found on the John Lewis website. The homepage has a link to 'Our Shops' where it lists all locations alphabetically.

Where is John Lewis plc located?

"John Lewis plc has several different shops located throughout the different regions in England. The headquarters for John Lewis plc is located in London, England."

How many lewis stores are located in the US?

There are 32 Lewis Drugstores throughout South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Lewis also now has a website, through which purchases can be made and stores located.