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Q: Where are Ann and Evelyn walking in that Colonial Penn Commercial?
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Who is the black actress in colonial penn commercial?

Marcella Lowery is in one of the Colonial Penn commercials. It drove me crazy where I had seen her before.l

Who is the black actor that plays Larry in Colonial Penn commercial?

Sean Rouse

Who are the two woman that do the colonial penn life insurance commercial on tv?

I believe the woman whose mother has died is played by Justine Shapiro of GlobeTrekker fame.

When was Colonial Penn created?

Colonial Penn was created in 1968.

Does Colonial Penn offer car insurance?

Colonial Penn is a life insurance company. Colonial Penn does not sell auto insurance, home owners insurance or any other type of insurance. You can get more information about the Colonial Penn program at the Colonial Penn website.

Who are two ladies on Colonial Penn 2011 commercial?

The lady with the auburn-orange tint hair is Marcella Lowery.

Is shirley Jones one of the two women in the Colonial Penn commercial?

No, Shirley Jones is not one of the ladies in the Colonial Penn commercial. I do recognize Caryn Richman (last tv Gidget) as one of the lunch ladies (she hasn't changed much and is still pretty, and the others on this commercial I recognize, but just as character actresses and never knew their names.

Did William Penn sail for Britten?

Penn was not a sailor, but the founder of colonial Pennsylvania.

What actors and actresses appeared in Colonial Penn - 2012?

The cast of Colonial Penn - 2012 includes: Tom Fonss as Bill Keri Safran

Who is ann from colonial penn commercial?

If Anne was the actress on the right hand side of tv screen, then it was Georgette Engel who played Ted Baxter's wife on Mary Tyler Moore

Historical figure in colonial Delaware?

William Penn.

What kind of services does the website Colonial Penn Auto Insurance offer?

There are many services offered by the website called Colonial Penn Auto Insurance. Examples of the services that the website called Colonial Penn Auto Insurance offers includes life insurance plans and helpful hints.