Where Is Shakira's Home?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shakira lives in the Bahamas. :]

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Q: Where Is Shakira's Home?
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What are some of Shakiras failures?

One of shakiras failures is WHEN SHE STARTED TO SING!

What is Shakiras curse?

shakiras curse is a death curse over 4 days

Which side is Shakiras hair line?

i think that it is on the right and i want my hair like shakiras

What is Shakiras favorite food?

shakira's favorite food is pancakes with jam on it

What is Shakiras dad then?


Who were Shakiras idols?

Gabby and Beatrice (:

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Do Kevins hips like Shakiras?


What is Shakiras fav color?

Blue & Black

What are Shakiras acompleshments?

singing author illustrator

What is Shakiras latin origin?

Born in Columbia