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Yes because U are diagnosed with a mental behavior that is different for everyone

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Q: When your born with certain behaviors?
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What is the behavior of mollusks?

They may learn certain behaviors, but most behaviors such as eat and moving are inherited.

Behaviors that an animal is born with are called?

Behaviors that an animal is born with are called innate behaviors or instinctual behaviors. These behaviors are genetically programmed and do not require learning or experience to be exhibited.

Who decides that certain types of behaviors are anti-social?


What is the difference between direct tools and indirect tools of government?

Direct tools of government include making actual laws to curtail certain behaviors. Indirect tools of government include placing taxes on certain behaviors in order to discourage those behaviors.

What does government enact to encourage certain behaviors and punish others?


What is An explanation for certain behaviors or occurrences which have happened or will happen?

scientific theory.

Why is it easier for members of the society to reach a consensus on certain behaviors than on others?

It is easier for members of society to reach a consensus on certain behaviors because these behaviors may align more closely with cultural norms, values, and traditions. Additionally, behaviors that have clear benefits or consequences may also be easier to build consensus around. Conversely, behaviors that are more personal, polarizing, or complex may be harder to achieve consensus on.

Prohibiting certain behaviors that arguably shouldnt be prohibited is referred to as?


A combination of innate and learned behavior?

Innate behavior refers to instinctual behaviors that an organism is born with, while learned behavior is acquired through experience and interaction with the environment. Many behaviors exhibited by animals, including humans, are a combination of both innate and learned components, with genetics playing a role in predisposing individuals to certain behaviors and experiences shaping their responses.

How do you train fleas?

A tiny electric shock is used to prod he fles to do or not do certain behaviors.

Are learned behaviors heritable?

Learned behaviors are not heritable in the strict sense. They are acquired through personal experiences and environmental influences. However, certain traits or characteristics that contribute to an individual's ability to learn and exhibit certain behaviors may have a genetic component and be heritable. This means that individuals with a genetic predisposition for learning and behavior can be more likely to exhibit certain learned behaviors.

What are some learned behaviors of a turtle?

Some learned behaviors of turtles may include recognizing certain food sources, navigating their environment, and social behaviors such as courtship and mating rituals. Turtles can also learn to associate certain cues with rewards, such as responding to the sound of food being dropped into their habitat.