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April 1st

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Q: When will the movie HOP be in thaters?
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When does the movie called the warriors way come to thaters?

Dec. 3rd

Does Carnival Miracle have a movie theatre?

No carnival cruises only have thaters for shows not movies

Where can you buy the movie Hop?

Hop the movie

Is the movie hop a bad movie?

The movie Hop is an okay movie I personally didn't like it. It was weird. Please comment!

Who plays EB In the movie HOP?

Russel brand plays eb in the movie hop

Is the movie Hop a Nickelodeon movie?

No it is not. In fact Hop is a Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment film.

How long does hop the movie go for in the cinemas?

Hop the movie goes for about an hr and 45min

Can The movie HOP be real?


Marget thaters maiden name?

Presuming that you meant Margaret Thatcher, her maiden name was Roberts.

Are you allowed to kepp the 3d glasses at the movie theaters?

some thaters let you and some dont it depends on the theater but i know that rave motion pictures makes you pay Hope Funky Monkey 21 helped :)

Is rio a better movie than hop why?

hop is better because it will be on DVD faster.

What movie does a bunny poop out jelly beans?

Hi , the answer is the movie HOP.